How not to use a voucher code at Pizza Express

  1. Read through all the offers
  2. Work out which of the offers exactly matches the combination of courses/food/drinks that your table had
  3. Check the offer is valid on a Friday
  4. Check the offer is valid at the branch you are in
  5. Check all the other terms and conditions
  6. Check for any other information which means that you could not possibly use the offer
  7. Complete the form with your life details
  8. Receive the code
  9. Quickly give the waitress the code before it disappears
  10. Sit smugly and revel in the fact that you have successfully achieved three courses for £12.95
  11. Be told by the waitress that you cannot use this voucher code because ‘you had the wrong type of dough balls’
  12. Pay full price

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