Teachers: How not to sleep well the night before the start of term

  1. Decree that you will get up early on the last day of the holidays so as to ‘get back in the routine’
  2. Set an early alarm
  3. Throw alarm clock against the wall when it goes off and sleep until noon
  4. Wonder how this plan could have possibly gone wrong
  5. Do something energetic, like running, so as to tire yourself out in a final bid to still sleep well that night
  6. Resist the need for a nap, to recover from this energetic activity,  in favour of the long term goal
  7. Wake up on the sofa at 5pm, having napped for 2 hours
  8. Wonder how this plan could have gone so wrong again
  9. Watch TV and finish marking
  10. Go to bed at 10pm to get a good 8 hours
  11. Glance at the clock at 1.34pm and realise that you have not slept a wink
  12. Get up…tired

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